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Love so True

Love So True tells the enduring and genuine love between electronic engineer, entrepreneur Xavier Chase and millionaire heiress Leta Porter. Xavier is from a broken family. He has witnessed loss at a very young age. Leta, although was born rich, grew up without a mother. They fell in love by chance, but an evident problem holds their future back—Leta was presupposed to marry a tycoon’s son, Logan Hays. This contemporary romance novel takes readers into an upper society love triangle and complex family drama.

About the Author

Stephen L. Vasilas

Stephen L. Vasilas is happily married, and lives in Alexandria, Virginia, his hometown. Writing has always been his hobby together with ghost hunting with PROBE Paranormal Investigation team.

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Love so True

Delicious Romance

Tony Cross was an average boy, who wanted nothing more than to be a great chef like his father. He then met Annie Roberson the most beautiful girl he has ever laid his eyes on. They fell in love. A tragic event changed their lives when a tornado took Tony’s family away from him. Afraid of going to a foster home or an orphanage, two places he would rather not be, he decided to run . . .


The Chase Industries headquarters building was one of the tallest buildings in Triangle City and the CEO’s office was on the 20th floor. The elevator ride took time due to many stops along the way. The two finally made it to the CEO’s floor and emerged from the elevator. The hallway leading to the office was long, and like the lobby floors, highly polished. The walls were beige and lined with gaming posters. The hallway was well lit by the overhead florescent fixtures.

Ms. Lee was a beautiful 26-year-old Asian female. Slender with dark eyes, fair skin, and long black hair which she always wore in a bun, Ms. Lee was dressed very sharply and always presented herself very well. Perhaps this is what Xavier found interesting about her and why he had kept her as his secretary since he began the company. Ms. Lee always stood up and bowed when he approached. “Mr. Kim is in the office waiting for you, Sir,” she informed him.
“Any messages Ms. Lee?” Xavier asked.
“Just the one from the Mayor, it’s on your desk.”
“Thank you.” She bowed to the two men as they left her. When they entered the office they found Billy Kim playing a videogame on a large plasma screen TV hanging on the wall. “Playing with my gaming system, again Billy?” Xavier asked as he watched Jay sit down next to Billy.

“I just needed some downtime and this was the quietest spot in the building.” He was a Korean male and his longtime involvement in martial arts training had given him a sculptured frame. He was the same age as Xavier and dressed in business attire more than casual.

“I’m going to get cleaned up, I’ll join you in a minute.” Xavier said as he disappeared behind a door on the back wall next to the bookcase. The bathroom was small, but sufficient for him, with a black tile floor, wood-panel walls and one brass incandescent drop fixture. There was a large glass mirror to one side of the room along with a sink, toilet and shower. Hanging next to the shower was a warm towel heater that he activated. Xavier decided to take a quick shower to wash off the sweat of the day and to try to forget the image of the female that looked so much like his love. He stood in the shower bracing himself against the wall with his hand and allowed the warm water to run down his body from head to foot, as the images of that woman coming from the cafeteria and proceeding to the elevator was still so clear in his mind . . . he could not shake it.

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